Hello !!! My name is Bhaskar Swaminathan and am the maintainer and administrator of PolarSPARC. Created this blog as a repository for articles, tutorials, musings and ramblings on various topics of interest. Started PolarSPARC in 2008 soon after the Wall Street financial crisis.

Here’s my Professional Summary:

  • Talented and accomplished Senior Hands-on Enterprise Architect with 24+ years of professional experience in architecting, directing, and delivering Highly scalable, High performance, Multi-platform, Mission-critical software solutions
  • Influential Technology Leader who can comfortably work at all levels be it architecting systems, setting strategy, leading a large team, writing code, or presenting to C-level management
  • Innovative and creative self-starter with ability to rapidly learn and adapt new technologies to solve complex business problems
  • Extensive experience with IT Infrastructure, Systems Architecture, Hardware, Application Architecture, Software Design and Development, Databases (SQL, NoSQL), Networking, Security, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Big Data (Hadoop)


  1. Hi Baskar, I have gone through your article on CXF webservices which showed your deep understanding of technologies, hands on and presentation skills. Keep up your good work.

  2. Hi Bhaskar

    The posts on spring integration have been particularly useful for me.
    Thanks a lot for writing these posts – are absolutely gr8.!

  3. Bhaskar,
    Remember the time when you initiated this blog , dating back to LEH days…What makes this useful is that its distilled to a detail install/setup/code/test level that makes it easy to experiement with various technologies you have covered
    If I may request, do you have a working examples on Machine Learning , specifically around data mining use cases – in Python or Java or …any language

    1. Vishu – Glad to know you still find it useful … 😉 hang in there – it is coming – hence the reason you see Python Series/Pandas/Notebook and the R Programming Quick Notes …

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